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<< For Development Use Only>>

Operational Changes [from Operator acct message broadcast to all pilots accts]

Operations Specifications [change color if updated in operator account]

General Operations Manual [down load link and display revision number from Operator acct]

Electronic Flight Bag



Federal Aviation Regulations

Aeronautical Information Manual

International Manual



You have 3 unread messages



Flight Time Limitations [display the time remaining]

Rest Periods [Days worked, off, display]

Training [all your training is current and up to date. Your next due training is in 'display the next due training item] [any over due show up in red]

Qualifications [your current qualifications are Captain in the [aircraft1 [aircraft2]


Aviation Safety





Aircraft Maintenance Status [from MFD Operator acct, just a green light or check mark]

Aircraft Authorizations [IFR, RVSM...]

MEL [from operator acct, free text, for example MEL, autopilot inop, 2 qualified pilots or VFR" or deice equipment inop]




Aviation Weather Center

Standard Weather briefing


ATC Delays



NOTAMS [Published ]



Enter/update flight report [this would be the manual flight entry page, currently the default log in page. Under it should display the flights in each aircraft that pilot is authorized to fly from the Operator acct]

Mechanical Reliability [135.415 and .417]