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What is a Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Wikipedia definition: "Safety Management System (SMS) is a term used to refer to a comprehensive business management system designed to manage occupational safety and health elements in the workplace." Safety management systems are a tool that helps increase the safety level of day to day operations. Effective SMS programs are dynamic, anotherwords they constantly evolve from day to day operations.


Who needs a Safety Management System

There are to many to list. Examples in the aviation industry include airport operators, aircraft operators, sub-contractors, aircraft manufacturerers, pilots, Part 145 Repair Stations, even the Federal Aviation Administration uses a Safety Management System.


Am I required to have a Safety Management System?

Part 121 operators, certain international operators, and many countries require that you have one in place. The Federal Aviation Regulations are rapidly changing towards the requirement for United States Air Carriers and Air Operators. The FAA has developed Advisory Circulars, and published a Notice to Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for Airport and Air Carriers operators.


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