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- Document Events

- Assess Events for Root Cause

- Record and Track Findings

- Initiate and Record Corrective Action

- Schedule and Record Follow Up Activities



part135SMS.com and safeflight.aero proivde a safety managment system designed to assist you with monitoring the health of your operation and provide a tool for continual implovement.

Overview of Flight Legality and Safety Enhancement Program

The program consists of three main elements:

Flight Legality –

Electronic monitoring and reporting by the myFLIGHDATA.com system:
1) Legal pilot (training/qualifications/flight and duty limits)
2) Legal aircraft (operator inputs maintenance due data that alerts approaching time/date items; reports for each aircraft (Aircraft Maintenance Status report) as well as automatic check when filed with the FAA).

Safety Enhancement Tool –

1) A list of default, as well as operator specified items are entered into the system. When a flight plan is FAA filed, or manually scheduled, the safety assessment automatically occurs.
2) The safety program queries the live feeds (FAA NOTAMS, weather, pilot reports, runway conditions, etc…) and returns a safety score. Items that are in the system as no-go respond a message of such, low safety scores respond with a request to evaluate items found, unnecessary and avoidable risk items should be mitigated.

Safety Management System –

Based on ICAO and FAA recommended SMS systems (and fully compliant), but an automated electronic database system. Key elements are internal reporting and monitoring of safety elements, emergency response system, as well as FAA required reporting capability. Completes the program by:

1) Identifies items that enhance safety as well as hazards of safety.
2) Monitors these items for reoccurrences, and escalations.
3) Allows the safety team to respond, record, and prioritize items.
4) Reporting – Internal safety meeting reports, and FAA reporting (if desired).